On to more pressing issues…

The thing about life is that no one really warns you just how shit it may be at times.

We have a vague idea. If your parents were anything like mine the phrase ‘well life isn’t fair’ will have come up a few times over the years, I even tell it to my own children. Although I fear I may be talking to myself given their ages.

Now don’t misunderstand me, my life is generally quite pleasant. I won’t say great – as happy as me and my little family are on a general basis, the society we live in gauges a great life on mainly financial status and on that measure we are definitely below par! We certainly aren’t in any state of poverty and I am fully aware that there are a million and more people worse off than me – but they can tell you about that in their own blog.

However, life has a terribly annoying tendency of throwing a spanner in the works just as things are looking up. The spanner this week is the annual statement and review from our gas and electricity supplier. Robbing bastards is all I can really say about that!

Last month we were very impulsive and made plans to take the squigglers to London for the weekend in the summer holidays. Tickets have been brought for non-refundable events therefore it will happen! As we won’t have an official holiday this year (no leaving the country, or even the house for any substantial amount of time) we came to the conclusion that London could be our mini-break. Not in the romanticised Bridget Jones way of course – we have children so those days are well and truly over. But the squigglers have never been and 5 year old did a project at school and is now completely besotted with London Bridge and desperate to see it. So its all planned – arrive Friday, dinner with friends, Saturday is full of structured pre-paid activity and this leaves Sunday for a proper tourist outing – open top bus, science museum, comedy poses in front of statues before heading back to the wild countryside and the rest of the never-ending summer break.

Significant other and I discussed at length what we need money-wise to do all these lovely things to expand our children’s life experiences and it was decided that I would put a minimum amount of money aside every week plus any other bits that turn out spare (rare occurence but we’re ever hopeful). All very sensible, well-planned and completely realistic.

And then life happened.

Said power company obviously got wind of our plans and hiked their prices up AGAIN. Significant other’s overtime dried up for a couple of weeks. My own meagre earnings dropped and the 5 year old decided to break through the toes of her school shoes with only 6 weeks of the school year left.

And what did I do to cope with this new financial pressure? Well I did what any sensible grown up girl would do. I hit the internet and brought a coffee maker that was an absolute bargain, 30 quid – 70 percent off you know. Then of course I needed a selection of coffee to go with it or what’s the point of having it, another £35 but I had a £20 voucher so actually only 15 quid – absolute bargain number 2. And of course I met friends for coffee in town – despite having a new coffee machine the coffee hasn’t arrived yet and it doesn’t make cake and I needed to discuss my financial woes with people in the same boat. I am now £80 overdrawn. But I did put 30 quid in the savings accounts last week and I’m sure that will be enough. After all, London’s not much different to suffolk is it? A few more people, a bit of smog but its not like everything’s going to be 3 times more expensive than here right….?


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